Motostunts International

Moto-Stunts International (MSI) motorcycle display team are lead by Tony and Brandon Baily. They have a team of 8-10 motorcycle riders including Britain’s top female motorcycle stunt rider and skilled trick and freestyle display jumpers.

The team is also one of the UK’s largest car stunt display teams, and one of few display teams to include Cars, race Quads, Motorcycle stunts and specialist vehicles. The car stunt arena display team uses Suzuki Jimmy’s, and a combination of 20 vehicles, including two wheel car driving, Trucks, mini-monsters, monster stunts two wheel displays, special jeeps, race Quads and motorcycles. It is a must as a main arena attraction, team members perform 2 wheel car driving and formation crossover trick riding in various ways. The Rover V8 Mini Monster truck and Suzuki Jimmy’s circle Arenas and Circuits, at high and low speed.

2 wheel car driving in jeeps and on race quads will amaze your audience. The Suzuki Fire burn-out bikes and 2 Suzuki Jimmy’s which can perform figure of eight rubber burn-outs (more suitable for tarmac and track events).

Motorcycle stunts include jumps and high speed moving ramp jumps, fire stunts, car stunts, quad crossover jumps and a large static car jump. The team performs large fire stunts as a farewell on each performance with the use of pyrotechnics giving the show big bang and sure fire success for their performance.

Commentary and backing sounds by Tony and Brandon Baily complements this superb show. MSI give 30-40 minutes of continuous professional all action entertainment. Fantastic non-stop entertainment and value for all the family. Tony’s team also provide entertainment no matter what the weather.

With 30 years experience of international stunt shows, Tony the teams stunt co-ordinator’s priority is public safety first, and secondly the team riders. We do not use members of the public in our display, we carry P/L Insurance, risk assessments available on request.