Bower Queens

An important part of the Bower tradition is our Bower Royalty. Every year several girls compete to become the next Bower Queen. The chosen queen then takes pride of place in the Bower procession and represents the area during the year that follows.

In addition to the Bower Queen, children are able to compete to be crowned Bower Princes and Princesses.

2014 Bethany Daire

Bethany Daire - 2014 Bower Queen

2013 Savannah Bennett

Savannah Bennett - 2013 Bower Queen

2012 Rosie Smith

Rosie Smith - 2012 Bower Queen

2011 Gemma Louise Powell

Image of Gemma Louise Powell - 2011 Bower Queen

2010 Holly Shaw

Image of the Winner: Holly Shaw

2009 Katie Chaplin

Image of Katie Chaplin

Deputy Mellissa Froggatt

Image of Mellissa Froggatt

2008 Hayley Doyle

Image of Hayley Doyle

Bower Queen and Deputy 2008 Hayley Doyle and Nicky

2007 Gemma Peach

Image of Gemma Peach

Gemma Peach waving to the crowds lining the streets during the procession

2006 Lauren Miller

Lauren Miller - 2006 Bower Queen

2005 Emma Gardener

Image of Emma Gardener

Image of Emma Gardener

2004 Angela Harrison

Image of Angela Harrison

Image of Angela Harrison

2003 Ruth Turner

Image of Ruth Turner

2002 Amanda Price

2001 Sarah-Louise Froggatt

2000 Nicola Hewitt

Image of Nicola Hewitt

1999 Isla Kirkpatrick-Gentles

Image of Isla Kirkpatrick-Gentles

1998 Joanna Butler

Image of Joanna Butler

1997 Kay Blackaby

1996 Sarah Preece

1995 Rebecca Hill

1994 Mai-Ling Ho

Image of Mai-Ling Ho

1993 Claire Bennett

1992 Emma Wilkinson

Image of Emma Wilkinson

1991 Fleur Bayliss

Image of Fleur Bayliss

1990 Mary Starkey

1989 Caroline Morris

1988 Margaret Young

1987 Michelle Livett

1986 Amanda Humblett

Image of Amanda Humblett

1985 Wendy Allington

1984 Helen Freer

Image of Helen Freer

1983 Julie Carter

1982 Sharon Vincent

1981 Angelina Gardner

1980 Jane Dayus-Hinch

Image of Jayne Dayus

1979 Katherine Ware

Image of Katherine Ware

1978 Lynn Cunnington

1977 Megan Wellins

1976 Lesley Gebhard

1975 Jacqui James

Image of Jacqui James

1974 Cheryl Watts

Image of Cheryl Watts with Chris Tarrant

1973 Janet Cook

Image of Janet Cook

1972 Linda Hogg

1971 Delda Clarke

1970 Vivienne Ellis

1969Jane Barber

Image of Jane Barber

1968 Lorraine Fawcett

1967 Pamela Waite

1966 Sylvia Walls

1965 Angela Whittaker

1964 Marion Preece

1963 Bonita Warner

1962 Patricia Rollins

1961 Pauline Sneyd

1960 Barbara Lear

1959 Diane Smith

1958 Irene Clifton

1957 Patricia Buet

1956 Gillian Parnell

1955 Jean Titmarsh

1954Maureen Taylor

1953Sally Lloyd

1952 Sally Lloyd

1951Jean Neville

1950Joan Walter

1949Noreen Norman

1948 Miss Heggs

1947 Edna Birch

1940 Peggy Matthews

Peggy Matthews - 1940 Bower Queen

1935 Linda Barham

1933 Mary Neville

1932 Kathleen Carroll

1931 Clara Talbot

Image of Clara Talbot - 1931 Bower Queen

1930 Violet Withers

1929 Lavinia Fern