2010 Bower

Shaun Smith

Image of Shaun Smith

Britain’s Got Talent finalist Shaun Smithperformed at the Bower in 2010. Following his performance 10 lucky competition entrants won the chance to meet him backstage.


Image of BRMB Roadshow

Once again BRMB roadshow was in Beacon Park and there were many chances to win prizes throughout the day.

Image of BRMB Logo

Racing Challenge Super 8

Image of Adam Wilcox

Lichfield’s very own ‘Stig’, Adam Wilcox, took part in the Racing Challenge Super 8. The Super 8 is a racing car simulation and offers eight drivers the chance to race head to head around some of the worlds most exciting tracks.

Congratulations to Ian Booth from Burntwood who achieved the fastest lap for over 16s. He won two tickets to the Silverstone British GT race where he was able to get up close and personal with the team and the car.

Congratulations to Leon Bryant who won the fastest lap for under 16s at just age 7! He won an hours ‘Arrive and Drive’ at Midland Karting in Fradley.

Image of Adam Wilcox

Image of Super 8 Racing Simulator

Kangaroo Gymnastic Display Team

Image of Kangaroo Gymnastics Team

The Kangaroos are one of the leading Gymnastic Display Teams in Europe and consists of 20 lads aged between 13 and 18 who wowed the crowds in the park on Bower Day in 2010.

They performed different shows, one being a comedy show with the boys dressed in old fashioned bathing costumes. The main show was a serious display of gymnastics filling a full arena, with vaulting displays of seven different moves, which includes over 250 somersaults; some over a car, using trampolines and high trestles, which produced an enthralling and exciting spectacle for the audience.

The team have appeared before HM the Queen at Wembley and made numerous TV appearances including ‘You Bet’ and ‘Blue Peter’.

M.A.D. The UK’s #1 Mountain Bike Team

Image of a Bike Stunt

Team M.A.D. have been wowing crowds worldwide with their unbelievable display of mountain bike tricks and stunts for over 10 years.

All riders are fully trained professional Stunt/Trials riders and wowed the crowd with big jumps, hops, balancing skills and tricks.

Bill Heslop

Image of Bill Heslop Herding Sheep

Bill Heslop has always loved and has a natural gift with all animals. Now able to devote his whole life to Shepherding and training the working sheepdog, Bill brought the opportunity for us to see the natural skill of the “Border Collie” and the relationship of the shepherd and his dog.

Bill has bred quality dogs, which have been exported all over the world. He is a keen competitor in sheepdog trials as well as a respected judge. Bill has travelled abroad to hold training seminars and is always keen to help the new enthusiast.

Our demonstration had the dogs working on both sheep and ducks, none of which were trained. Bill showed the practical disciplines used in everyday work with his dogs.

JRCS Falconry

Image of Falcon

Image of Owl

JRCS Falconry once again wowed the crowds with their birds of prey. Take a look at their website here.