2011 Bower

Bower – May 30th 2011

BRMB Roadshow hosed the event with competitions and giveaways.


Streetball Extreme

Streetball Extreme –www.streetballextreme.co.uk

Streetball Extreme (SBX) is a dynamic and exciting urban entertainment brand developed around the best freestylers from the world of basketball, football, BMX, skateboard, MCs/beat boxing, free running, street dance and break dancing. SBX is a unique urban entertainments brand that can not be seen anywhere else in the world.

Taking the rawest form of these sports, Streetball Extreme has evolved into a highly reputable urban entertainments brand. This unique platform has not only inspired people of all ages to embrace sports and activities, but has allowed entities of all kinds to employ the world class showcase talent that is Streetball Extreme.

Streetball Extreme has appeared on many TV shows and adverts, it has also featured in hundreds of events throughout the world. SBX travel to a wide variety of destinations (including holiday parks and resorts, schools, universities, youth clubs, professional basketball and football teams, commercial and corporate organisations).

Streetball Extreme is involved with many councils and sports development officers throughout the UK as well as working alongside the police and other professional services. The aim is to make a big influence on the youth of today by getting children off the streets and into something new and exciting whilst promoting a positive and active lifestyle.

Streetball Extreme believe that by providing immense fun factor with high visual impact we can provide a wide appeal for both the commercial and social world. We believe our urban entertainers help pave the way for mass participation in these sports.

Streetball Extreme provides the highest level of skill, professionalism and the ultimate urban entertainments experience within the commercial sector demonstrating that all it’s performers are of world class and have their own unique style.



Twenty Twenty –www.twentytwentyband.com

Album released 2 May

Performing + 30 mins meet and greet after….

Twenty Twenty have just been confirmed on the line up for this year’s Isle Of Wight Festival and will be playing The Big Top on 12 June!

Sam, Jack & Sonny have also added several new live dates for this summer, including performances at Doncaster Racecourse this Saturday and Gloucester Rugby Club 29 May, supporting The Wanted.


Tropical Inc Roadshow

Our company aim is to educate all walks of life from Nursery to University Students on the natural behaviour of all Exotic animals, through fun and Interactive presentations and Displays.

We also give advice to people on the welfare of their exotic pets and offer a good home to one‘s that need it. By encouraging people‘s natural curiosity, the secrets of environments such as the Rainforest and Desert we will take you on an almost magical journey.

Then we‘ll explain how they can create and maintain their very own wildlife habitat. Before long, you‘ll be teaching your friends and families without even realising it.

The audiences that Tropical Inc. presents to then have a unique and exciting opportunity to hold or stroke each animal that they introduce. All our animals have been chosen for their temperament and are very friendly.

We travel all over the UK to do these presentations and also provide the following services presentations (informal to formal) completely tailored to your needs and requirements Specialist training in Herpetology and Animal welfare for all, from inexperienced to professionals.

Parrots, Pigmy Hedgehogs, Skunks Snakes Meercats and much more…..


MAD Mountain Bike Display and Stunt Team

M.A.D. The World’s Largest (and best) Professional Mountainbike Stunt/Trials Display Team.

The M.A.D Team have long established themselves at the top of the Mountainbike Stunt Demo tree, after over a decade of performing shows through-out various industries, featuring at professional world-class events. The brainchild of the infamous Giles Wolfe, M.A.D has dedicated itself to promoting a healthy and positive outlook on Mountainbiking and Cycling in general. Our target focal point is Mountainbike Trials, taking elements from Street/Natural and Competition riding, M.A.D merges specific key elements of its own into the pot to produce inspiring, educational and breathe-taking shows.

With an immense fan base world-wide and an endless season of shows, M.A.D has grown from strength to strength. Thanks to the support of it’s devoted management team and the phenomenal Team Riders, M.A.D Sponsors and the fans, M.A.D is renowned as the UK’s most premier and requested Mountainbike Stunt Display Team.

Boasting some of Europe‘s finest riders, mixed with Trials Stars from the past decade, M.A.D has no problem performing more than one show in any place at any time. 2008 and 2009 saw 3 M.A.D teams performing in different towns and cities all over the UK and at times featuring in Europe, at the same time.

2010 has seen us performing in Mumbai and Bahrain with more international projects planned for this year.

M.A.D is a business, but it’s managed by passionate people and the Team really work hard together to promote the sport which we all love unconditionally.

As we have been told by previous event organizers, our passion and professionalism shows in abundance…we are proud of what we have achieved and intend to embrace the next generation of Trials riders that will add there names to The MAD Teams proud history books. We were the first Trials Stunt Team in the country and we will be the last.


Pat Collins Funfair

Pat Collins Funfair is back at this year’s Bower, click the following link for more details:

Pat Collins Funfair