The Green Man's Morris and Sword Club

Leaders of the Lichfield Greenhill Bower for 55 years.

Image of Street Parade

We realise that the tradition of morris men‘s association with the Bower goes back into the mists of time and the club has been very honoured to carry on this annual ritual for well over 55 years.

The current membership of the committee may not be aware that the early members of Green Man were involved in the rediscovery of the Lichfield Morris Tradition in the early 1950‘s. In addition the Bower processional there are 7 dances for sides (teams) of 8 dancers, which the club maintains in its repertoire.

Image of Green Man with branches

Conscious that none of us are getting any younger, and wishing that our tradition is maintained into the future the club is keen to recruit new members. We are very pleased to welcome men to the club. (We currently have six of our members who live within the Lichfield area).

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Image of Green men parading with branches

Image of Green men parading with branches